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Women's Giving Initiative

The final year of fundraising for The Campaign for SYA coincided with the 50th anniversary of welcoming young women as students to School Year Abroad. As a way to honor and celebrate the women of SYA, we hosted a series of virtual events throughout the year featuring women pioneers and leaders within the SYA community.

Because the women within our community have also been historically generous, we decided to set a goal to raise $7,000,000 from SYA women through the Women’s Giving Initiative. This goal was purposefully ambitious because we knew that when women come together for a common cause, the potential for impact is tremendous.

We are thrilled to announce that the women of SYA stepped up and raised a total of $7,059,814! Thank you! Your dollars will directly influence our ability to provide student aid, support our incredible faculty, and engage students in an innovative place-based curriculum. The legacy you leave will serve as an inspiration for all students of SYA who follow in your footsteps.

Women's Giving Initiative Progress

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7,000,000 Goal