SYA Fund

Grow capacity for excellence

Through The Campaign for SYA, we celebrate the impact of every donor and every gift within our SYA community. Most alumni, parents and friends will participate in this historic effort through their support of the SYA Fund. When you make a gift to the SYA Fund, you play an instrumental role as we seek to strengthen the SYA experience and thus ensure that our students are well prepared as global citizens.

Each year, SYA’s very first fiscal priority must be to deliver a superb academic and student life experience for current students. The SYA Fund provides the most direct and immediate channel for donors to uphold the quality of School Year Abroad. This holds true today, tomorrow, and long after The Campaign for SYA is completed. Therefore, strong and growing support for the SYA Fund is among our top campaign priorities.

Every year, the SYA Fund provides vital resources to deliver the fundamental components of the school we love. This includes exceptional teachers at all four campuses; riveting and immersive fieldwork and travel experiences; and financial aid to ensure the best possible student body. Without the SYA Fund, School Year Abroad simply could not operate each year with distinction.

By including support for the SYA Fund among our campaign priorities, we acknowledge the essential role it plays in advancing excellence at SYA today and over the long term. While we work to raise endowment support, a stronger SYA Fund can make a difference right now for our students today. As we expand the number of annual donors to the SYA Fund, we build a strong and lasting network of SYA partners, individuals who choose to invest in this mission and education. Greater participation in the SYA Fund will propel School Year Abroad forward in all areas, from financial aid to program innovation. During The Campaign for SYA, annual financial support for the experience of our current students will be a top priority each and every year.

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