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Through School Year Abroad, thousands of families have watched their children become self-assured global citizens. Over 8,000 alumni now influence communities and professions in 77 nations and counting. Together, we know the value of looking at the world from an utterly different point of view. We are all ambassadors—for SYA itself and for the values we share of understanding, empathy and intellectual curiosity. Through The Campaign for SYA, we send more maverick thinkers and bridge builders into the world. There is no more important gift we can give to the future. Join the campaign today.

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Celebrate the launch of the Campaign for SYA.

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In Your Own Words

There are over 8,300 SYA alumni voices influencing communities in 77 countries around the world – and counting! How has SYA helped to shape who you are today?…

Meet the Parent

“These kids have wings on their feet.”

Proud dad Sonny Kalsi ES’20P weighs in on the extraordinary value of an SYA education.

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A Tale of Three Cities

With over 60 years of service to SYA between them, three iconic educators reflect on the joys of working in a unique place where language immersion meets place-based academics. From Viterbo to Zaragoza to Rennes, their mission to prepare SYA students for a changing world continues to energize and inspire.

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