Faculty Support

Foster Mentors and Thought Leaders

When you make a gift to support SYA teachers, you sustain the central source of inspiration and guidance for our students. You invest in rigorous, inventive expectations that change how students perceive themselves and the world. You fuel SYA’s forward momentum by ensuring that dedicated and brilliant individuals will lead the school we love—today and into the future.

The Faculty Compensation Initiative

Over the next decade, a significant portion of SYA teachers will retire. We must ensure that these iconic individuals are replaced with the next generation of faculty leaders who can drive SYA’s pursuit of innovation.

At the present time, we are not fully confident of our financial ability to attract and retain this next generation. During this period of intentional program innovation, which translates to additional responsibilities for our faculty, we must make a strong commitment to supporting competitive compensation packages alongside robust opportunities for professional development. Now is the time to take the necessary steps to ensure the standard of excellence that SYA and its faculty represent. In concert with strategies that shore up our current capacity in this area, the Faculty Compensation Initiative will establish dedicated endowment funds that enhance our future ability to attract and retain our world-class faculty.

The Fund for Professional Development

Our recommitment to cutting-edge methods and curricular innovation requires School Year Abroad to invest in the ongoing education of our teachers. At the present time, however, SYA has no endowment resources dedicated specifically to this priority. Yet it is arguably one of the most essential investments we must make to keep our curriculum on the forefront of education.

Through The Campaign for SYA, we will expand resources for teachers to enroll in symposia, conduct curricular research, develop new approaches and remain current with technology, among other critical endeavors. In addition, we will establish opportunities for faculty on different SYA campuses to collaborate, whether by undertaking joint research or by bringing their classes together in virtual team-teaching arrangements. We strongly believe this inter-campus capacity will elevate and distinguish the SYA experience as we give both teachers and students the chance to experience international collaboration firsthand.

The Rocket Fund for Faculty

Visionary donors can help SYA establish a bridging strategy with immediate-use gifts that will deliver increased support for SYA faculty while endowment funds are raised.

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