Campaign Results

We did it!

With tremendous thanks to the 2,684 donors who made the success of this campaign possible, we are thrilled to report the final results of The Campaign for SYA, which officially concluded on June 30, 2021 after a four-year fundraising effort.

Because of this campaign, SYA will continue to excel, innovate, and provide many more generations of students with a life-changing experience.

$18,525,045 raised; 2,684 donors

“I’ve never thought of this campaign as having anything to do with philanthropy or donation, it’s about people investing in something that they know delivers particular outcomes — very meaningful life outcomes.”

— Jamie Broderick FR'71, Campaign Co-Chair


1,445 donors gave between $1 - $249

694 first time donors to SYA



322 recurring gifts or multi-year pledges

34 leadership gifts of $100,000+


“This campaign is targeting the most important aspects of SYA and identifying and strengthening those areas that need to be bolstered for the next generation of students.”

— Alex Alger FR'79 CN'12P, Campaign Co-Chair


2 campaign cabinet co-chairs

21 campaign volunteers



100% board participation

$1,200,000+ raised by campaign volunteers


“I think SYA is a uniquely compelling experience for those who know it — a very large percentage of our alumni have had a positive SYA experience. This kind of support will ensure that SYA adapts to the times and continues to be the gold standard in high school study abroad education. Broad support from those of us who benefitted will keep SYA at the top of its game 50 years from now.”

— Stephen Foster ES'65, Campaign Cabinet


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“The future of SYA is bright and big and wonderful. We have leadership in place that are focused on bringing us SYA 2.0 in a way that will just leapfrog us to the next level.”

— Allison Bacon ES'81, Campaign Cabinet