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Campaign Countdown Match

In the final months of fundraising for The Campaign for SYA, co-chairs Alex Alger FR’79 CN’12P and Jamie Broderick FR’71 asked what it would take to reach the $18 million goal. The answer: significant stretch giving, by as many people as possible.

The campaign total at the beginning of April had reached just over $14,500,000. To achieve the $18,000,000 goal by June 30 meant raising an average of over $1,000,000 per month during each of the final three months. It was a tall order, but Alex and Jamie believed it was possible.

To inspire others to stretch and give generously, a group of former SYA trustees, including the fearless campaign co-chairs, generously pledged an additional $500,000 to create the Campaign Countdown Match.

Matching all gifts and pledges in full (with anything over $25,000 matched at $25,000), the Campaign Countdown Match was a smashing success. This compelling incentive motivated many to show their support on SYA Day in April; it encouraged others to turn their one-time gifts into five-year pledges; and it spurred those whose investments in SYA were matched to convince their friends and classmates to join them with a gift. By the first week in June, alumni, parents and friends had given the $500,000 needed to fulfill the match.

But it didn’t end there.

Chair of the Board Kirk Davenport FR’77 FR’11P knew that the final weeks would be integral to the success of The Campaign for SYA. And so he dug deeper to create an additional matching pool, and asked all the other current trustees to do the same. He appealed to them with:

Peggy and I just attended a live graduation at Georgetown Law School for our daughter Lydia (SYA France alum) and it has put me in a contemplative mood. So much of my own academic career is tied to my SYA experience and I think hers was too. We are lucky to have had such a formative adventure so early in our lives. Thinking about the importance of SYA in my family has got me to thinking about how best to make sure others can have the same amazing experience that we had… Will you consider joining me in creating a new matching pool?

The trustees stepped up, and another $363,000 was added to match gifts and pledges through the end of June. And it was just enough, being fulfilled at the end of June when the community rallied and the $18,000,000 goal was exceeded!

Thank you to all who made a gift to The Campaign for SYA, and to our generous trustees who have stewarded SYA’s mission throughout the years, and through this campaign.

Campaign Countdown Match Progress

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